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Self Awareness

self awareness

How are you are viewed?
Most of us at one time or another have pondered the thought of how others see us; but how many of us really know how we’ are  viewed by the myriad of people that we interact with on a daily basis? It is easy to assume that people see us in a way that matches our own self-image. However, experience and research shows that this is not always necessarily the case.

Your internal landscape 
Self-awareness is not only awareness of your “self”; it includes your ability to become aware of the emotional states of others and your relationship to society at large.  Not only are you able to be in tune with your internal landscape; you are better able to navigate the external world landscape all around you…..by developing your ’emotional intelligence.’


Emotional intelligence 
The foundation to developing emotional intelligence otherwise known as “EI” which begins with addressing your “Intra-personal Self-Awareness” – by making friends with your feelings. This is an important step. This goes beyond simply a “bag of tricks.”  It is more than just learning how to stand back, pause and breathe…yes, this is an important tactic, but beyond this, there is the inner awareness of your emotional feelings.  There is a physiologic component to this.

Stop vilifying feelings 
When we finally stop vilifying feelings and treating them like they are an impossible embarrassment to own, we will be able to actually stop, stand back and pause and apply our “on demand” skills in real time.  When we can notice and intuitively pick up our mounting feelings before they come out full force to our conscious mind, we can truly hit the “pause” button and make sound decisions and choices.

  • We can “change our minds”
  • We can avoid being hijacked by our brain’s amygdala – a part of the survival centre of our brain that gets overused.
  • We can reconnect with gratitude and positive feelings of joy
  • When we focus on the positive, we can retrain our brains to take on a positive mindset by default
  • We can break the mind habit of negativity
  • We become more ‘self-aware’
  • We learn how to use our ’emotional intelligence’ for better business results

Repression leads to rebellion 
The first step?  Be willing to stop trying, (and I do mean, “trying” , as you can’t actually do it) to deny you have feelings.  The feelings of gratitude and appreciation and other feelings are all just a part of being human. Repressing them is not the same as self-regulation that is healthy and effective. Repression leads to rebellion and suppression of your body’s emotional system periodically, meaning, it leads to emotional outbursts or even stress.  Your feelings can become stress producing, when you keep them bottled up…like stagnant water.  Ugh.


Raise mindfulness self-awareness
Instead, learn how to raise mindfulness through self-awareness. With self-awareness, you can learn how to “make friends with your feelings.”  You can calm down and control your fight-flight-freeze response over the long-term. Moreover once you become more ‘self-aware’ your ’emotional  intelligence’ will automatically develop; therefore not only will you be able to know and understand your own feelings but also those of others around you. An important factor in today’s highly charged competitive world.

Rolling brain waves 
You can recognize that you are not your thoughts and feelings…they are more like rolling brain waves that you can learn to direct.  When you can do this, you will then be able to actually feel much more gratitude and appreciation with a feeling of authenticity and confidence.  You can change how you focus your mind.  You can live and work with much greater ease.  You can then set your mind – “your mindset” – for greater success.

Want to learn more?
If you or your team would like to learn more about “Emotional Intelligence” for self development and how to use it for better business results then please contact us today either by using the comment box below or via the ‘contact page’ on our website.

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Good vibrations!

Good vibes

Joy in your world
People often say that they spend too much time at work, sadly not always necessarily enjoying it. This blog explores a different approach to positive thinking and how you can put more joy back into your world.

Good ‘vibes’ you can radiate
When developing any relationship, particularly at work “gratitude” and “appreciation” are two of the most powerful “vibes” you can radiate. Even people at the very top still seek “gratitude” and “appreciation”. This is because they know that this create a healthy, productive mindset that typically leads to prosperity and health in all areas of life.  In fact,  “gratitude” and “appreciation” can help you become radiant.  Why?  Well because these “vibes” are the sources of joy.

Default mindsets
Joy is deeper than what we typically think of as happiness in that it is less situation-based.  Most people do not realize that gratitude can be made to be your default mindset.  Just to be clear, by mindset we mean where your mind is set.

From the inside out
If you believe that your happiness is due to a situational external noun, in other words, a person, place or thing – it will be very unstable indeed.  Cultivating gratitude and appreciation, as feelings – “vibes” – from the inside out will make you more confident, resilient and peaceful.

You can do this intentionally by focusing what you have to be grateful for or even drawing on past feelings of gratitude.  The trick is that it requires self-awareness in order to change your feelings, “on demand.”

Don’t become a victim
If we believe that we are victims of our emotions and feelings, we cannot be empowered.  Many people focus on the negative in the world around them, which increases their negative feelings in their mindset. We often refer to these people as seeing the “glass half empty” instead of “half full”.

Glass half full

Focus on the positives
If we believe that feelings are “bad,” we will stay afraid of them.  It is important to realize that if you focus on negative feelings, you increase this “vibe” in your mindset and demeanour.  If you are harbouring negative feelings – “vibes” – you will not only create stress in your body, you will not radiate “good vibrations” – your positive,  true, authentic charismatic self.

Change your mindset
By focusing on the positives we can actually change our mindset to feel much more gratitude and appreciation with a feeling of authenticity and confidence.  Yes you can change how you focus your mind.  You will find that you can live with much greater ease.  You can then set your mind – “your mindset” – for greater success.

Want to learn more?
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Reading makes you “Smart” – Why reading is good for you!

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Is the traditional book dead?
With the arrival and increased use of Kindles, Nook readers and ipads many argue that traditional books are dead; some people however still like the look and feel of a paper book. Whatever your preference there can be no doubt that electronic books have features that paper books don’t.

Read in sunlight and enlarge the text!
With an electronic book you can see the screen clearly even in sunlight as well as being able to enlarge the print on the screen or plug in earphones and ‘listen’ to a book, which is great if relaxing, travelling or when on holiday. This ability to be able to enlarge the typeface is also a valuable factor for the visually impaired and for the more mature generation who prefer larger font size.

10 good reasons why you should read more
Reading undoubtedly will helps make you smarter! But there are other factors about reading which are also good for you; whether you read an electronic or paper book. Here are 10 good reasons why you should read more.

1. Reading expands your vocabulary
When reading literature of different genres, it is likely that you will encounter words you don’t usually use in your regular every day conversations. The beauty of this is that there is no need to search for a definition of every single word you don’t know because in most cases your brain will automatically tell you what the word means in the context of the piece. Reading not only helps expand your vocabulary, but also improves your literacy.

2. Reading fights stress
Nowadays, fighting stress is a big concern for many people. Even though you may be manically busy at home or at work reading can help de-stress you. That is because the richness and rhythm of the language soothe the psyche and rids the body of stress. Apparently reading science fiction before bed is particularly helpful.

3. Reading develops cognitive abilities
The positive effect of reading on our cognition, the ability to acquire knowledge through reading, reasoning, intuition or perception is one of its key advantages. That is because when we read, we have more thinking processes going on to comprehend the ideas of the book.

4. Reading protects against Alzheimer’s
We are often told to keep active as we get older, both physically and mentally. According to the latest research, reading does indeed protect against brain disorders; that is because when we read, our brain activity improves.

5. Reading gives you confidence
Books not only relax us and keep us alert, but they also make us more confident in our own aptitude and knowledge. When we demonstrate deeper knowledge of a topic in a conversation, we automatically start behaving more confidently. In addition recognition of your intellectual capabilities by other people has a positive effect on our self-esteem too.

6. Reading makes us more creative
Creative people generate several great ideas at the same time. Where do they find their foundation for these ideas….. In the books! When you read, we discover lots of ideas, some of which we can use at work or in your own lives.

7. Reading improves sleep
The people, who make it a habit to read before they go to bed, find that their bodies soon gets used to it. Reading will become a signal for your body, it will automatically know about the forthcoming sleep. Not only will you have a good night’s sleep, but you will also feel positive and cheerful in the morning.

8. Reading improves brain function
When reading, we imagine many details – characters, their clothes, scenery, objects and plots. We also need to keep in mind many facts in order to understand the book as a whole; therefore by reading we are training our memory and logic.

9. Reading improves concentration
When reading we need to focus on the content of the book in order to comprehend what is going on as we turn each page, without cheating or jumping ahead to the next chapter. This skill is very useful in your other activities in life, whether at home or at work. That is because without realising it reading also helps develop objectivity and reasonable decision-making.

10. Reading helps us to be aspirational
Reading provides insights into how others live their lives and do things; it also provides fantasy and escapism. For many without the fantasy and escapism of books there is no aspiration or desire to try and do things differently. All management books, self help books and the like are based on the readers desire to be “aspirational” in their lives or roles…..and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. So what “aspirational” book are you reading today?

Reading makes you smart!
When interrupted and used properly management books can be a great training aid. Put simply reading makes people “smart”! At Partners in Solutions we recommend fun and informative management books to compliment our training and coaching packages.

reading 2
Learn more
If you would like to learn more about how to use management books in training or to train your staff in strategy, business planning or general management then please contact us today either by using the comment box below or via the ‘contact page’ on our website.
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What every Business Manager needs to ‘know’

Know that…
As business owners and managers there are certain things that we need to ‘know’ in order that we can competently and effectively fulfill our managerial role. Here are some top tips to help you get focused.

1. Know that everything requires time…

As a Business Manager…”know that”: Once you have clearly articulated your plans and goals that you need to stand back review and wait. Utilize this time to

– Visualizing what you want to achieve
– Where you want to be
– How you will profit from your business.
It is important that you feel good and enjoy what you see and accept what you get with gratitude. Pat yourself on the back and appreciate everything you accomplish.

2. Know and acknowledge the ‘power of team-work’…

As a Business Manager…”know that”: Business is best conduct by a team of like-minded people who understand that there is a job that has to be done. So, in an ideal world it is far better not to take relatives or friends into this team if you can possibly avoid it – unless that is you have worked together successfully before and have clearly defined and agreed roles and responsibilities.

3. Know what sacrifices you would be prepared to make…

As a Business Manager…”know that”: Managing business today is tough. You will undoubtedly have to make difficult choices and sacrifices. The key is to understand from the very beginning that sacrifices are necessary, and know what you are prepared to sacrifice for the success of your business; sacrifices that will make the best use of money and time, sacrifices that put the least amount of stress on relationships, business and otherwise.

4. Know that the strongest manager is the winner…

As a Business Manager…”know that”: If you want to be a winner you have to be strong, particularly in the face of adversity. You have to religiously believe in yourself and in your success….. No matter where you are and at all times. Distance yourself from negative people or people who doubt your abilities. Know that pessimism can kill ideas and enthusiasm.

5. Know that feedback is essential…

As a Business Manager …”know that”: The ability to be able to embrace feedback is essential to any business. It is also imperative to know and understand the difference between pessimism and constructive criticism. Always listen to the opinion of your customers, clients, colleagues, suppliers in fact anybody who interfaces with you and your business.

6. Know that there will times when you have to take risks…

As a Business Manager…”know that”: Successful business managers are not daunted by risk. That said too much risk is seldom good; but nothing really innovative or great is ever accomplished without some degree of risk, very often there can be quite a bit of risk to greatness. So don’t be afraid to take risks. Try new strategies, markets, venues etc as this always gives you a chance to make a better or improved profit.

7. Know your business to grow your business…

As a Business Manager…”know that”: This might sound obvious but it never ceases to amaze me how little some business managers know about their business or chosen marketplace. Stay alert. Read trade magazines and trade press. Attend industry events and net-work as appropriate to your business sector.

8. Know your limits…

As a Business Manager…”know that”: You are not the gatekeeper of every good idea; therefore if you are unsure about a situation, find and surround yourself with experienced competent people you like, respect and trust who can work with you and who will recommend a solution.

As a Business Manager…..”Do you know” If your business needs reshaping or…

Whether your managers require development via coaching, mentoring or training?

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Inspirational qualities that set great leaders apart

Inspirational qualities that set great leaders apart.

Inspirational qualities that set great leaders apart

Inspirational skills to greatness
If you take a look at successful great leaders in different professional areas be it business and industry, economics, politics, personal development, banking, catering, hospitality, facilities management you name it – and you will notice that they all share some crucial qualities that help them advance and achieve.

Do you want to achieve the next level?
If you are going to take your career or your business to a totally new level, you should consider polishing up these skills to equip yourself with reliable tools that will assist you on your way to success……..to greatness.

1. Listening
Great leaders... are great listeners. To make the best-grounded decision, they need to listen carefully to everything they are told.

2. Creative and critical thinking
Great leaders… think outside the box and come up with unconventional ways that other people consider too risky, crazy or just plain silly. They are also great critical thinkers. They quickly assess the situation and efficiently analyse the potential problems to solve.

3. Thirst for knowledge
Great leaders… have a thirst for knowledge – they generally read a lot. Reading is a crucially important habit for personal and professional success. As a rule, achievers are also avid readers, who can process large volumes of information from different sources. The key is to grasp the main ideas in whatever you read.

4. Constant upgrade
Great leaders… want to know what is happening in the business world and seek out business upgrades. They have the ability to adapt to the newest technologies, styles, methods and ideas that lead to success. This skill requires great self-confidence as well as utmost humbleness.

5. Writing
Great leaders… may not write often or a lot, but when they do, it is not perfunctory; instead their writing is clear, precise, and to the point.

6. Communication
Great leaders… can clearly articulate and communicate their ideas to any audience. Having good communication skills is one of the most important skills out there for any great leader. The best leaders are also excellent speakers.

7. Motivation
Great leaders… are always superb motivators. They make a good use of their skills to create powerful goals that enthuse, motivate and inspire other people.

8. Making connections
Great leaders… are great at net-working and making connections. They have contacts, partners, and friends in many different areas to ask for help or collaborate on a new idea. They diligently cultivate and actively develop these connections.

9. Delegation
Great leaders… and the most prosperous ones, are those who don’t try to do it all alone. They realize that they cannot effectively cope with all tasks by themselves. They delegate everything to their teams, except of course for the most important tasks.

10. Judgement
Great leaders …use their judgement wisely. They know that appearances can be deceiving and that “judging” people does not define who they are, but instead actually defines who ‘you’ are.

Interested in “Inspirational Leadership” training?
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