I can sew!

This is such a great ‘must read’ story and one that everybody should learn from! Nicole is brilliant and really deserves her success.

Tales of a dressmaker

(From my memoir ‘ To Paris for lunch’)

My German boyfriend’s realisation that instead of becoming a doctor, his parent’s dream and life ambition, he wanted to become a professional jazz saxophonist, changed everything in my life.  He decided that to fulfil his dream; he had to be in London, where things were really happening. His determination and my love for him made me agree to move to England for a short while, after I finished my apprenticeship as a dressmaker. That was exactly thirty years ago, 1987.

Arriving in London with two big rucksacks, a saxophone in his and a sewing machine in mine, we found ourselves in Brixton station. My boyfriend had the address of somebody, who knew somebody, who had a room to rent.

I had seen Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus, Windsor Castle and Kings Road before, but I had never seen anything like Brixton. It…

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