Self Awareness

self awareness

How are you are viewed?
Most of us at one time or another have pondered the thought of how others see us; but how many of us really know how we’ are  viewed by the myriad of people that we interact with on a daily basis? It is easy to assume that people see us in a way that matches our own self-image. However, experience and research shows that this is not always necessarily the case.

Your internal landscape 
Self-awareness is not only awareness of your “self”; it includes your ability to become aware of the emotional states of others and your relationship to society at large.  Not only are you able to be in tune with your internal landscape; you are better able to navigate the external world landscape all around you… developing your ’emotional intelligence.’


Emotional intelligence 
The foundation to developing emotional intelligence otherwise known as “EI” which begins with addressing your “Intra-personal Self-Awareness” – by making friends with your feelings. This is an important step. This goes beyond simply a “bag of tricks.”  It is more than just learning how to stand back, pause and breathe…yes, this is an important tactic, but beyond this, there is the inner awareness of your emotional feelings.  There is a physiologic component to this.

Stop vilifying feelings 
When we finally stop vilifying feelings and treating them like they are an impossible embarrassment to own, we will be able to actually stop, stand back and pause and apply our “on demand” skills in real time.  When we can notice and intuitively pick up our mounting feelings before they come out full force to our conscious mind, we can truly hit the “pause” button and make sound decisions and choices.

  • We can “change our minds”
  • We can avoid being hijacked by our brain’s amygdala – a part of the survival centre of our brain that gets overused.
  • We can reconnect with gratitude and positive feelings of joy
  • When we focus on the positive, we can retrain our brains to take on a positive mindset by default
  • We can break the mind habit of negativity
  • We become more ‘self-aware’
  • We learn how to use our ’emotional intelligence’ for better business results

Repression leads to rebellion 
The first step?  Be willing to stop trying, (and I do mean, “trying” , as you can’t actually do it) to deny you have feelings.  The feelings of gratitude and appreciation and other feelings are all just a part of being human. Repressing them is not the same as self-regulation that is healthy and effective. Repression leads to rebellion and suppression of your body’s emotional system periodically, meaning, it leads to emotional outbursts or even stress.  Your feelings can become stress producing, when you keep them bottled up…like stagnant water.  Ugh.


Raise mindfulness self-awareness
Instead, learn how to raise mindfulness through self-awareness. With self-awareness, you can learn how to “make friends with your feelings.”  You can calm down and control your fight-flight-freeze response over the long-term. Moreover once you become more ‘self-aware’ your ’emotional  intelligence’ will automatically develop; therefore not only will you be able to know and understand your own feelings but also those of others around you. An important factor in today’s highly charged competitive world.

Rolling brain waves 
You can recognize that you are not your thoughts and feelings…they are more like rolling brain waves that you can learn to direct.  When you can do this, you will then be able to actually feel much more gratitude and appreciation with a feeling of authenticity and confidence.  You can change how you focus your mind.  You can live and work with much greater ease.  You can then set your mind – “your mindset” – for greater success.

Want to learn more?
If you or your team would like to learn more about “Emotional Intelligence” for self development and how to use it for better business results then please contact us today either by using the comment box below or via the ‘contact page’ on our website.

Trisha Proud
Partners in Solutions Ltd

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