Good vibrations!

Good vibes

Joy in your world
People often say that they spend too much time at work, sadly not always necessarily enjoying it. This blog explores a different approach to positive thinking and how you can put more joy back into your world.

Good ‘vibes’ you can radiate
When developing any relationship, particularly at work “gratitude” and “appreciation” are two of the most powerful “vibes” you can radiate. Even people at the very top still seek “gratitude” and “appreciation”. This is because they know that this create a healthy, productive mindset that typically leads to prosperity and health in all areas of life.  In fact,  “gratitude” and “appreciation” can help you become radiant.  Why?  Well because these “vibes” are the sources of joy.

Default mindsets
Joy is deeper than what we typically think of as happiness in that it is less situation-based.  Most people do not realize that gratitude can be made to be your default mindset.  Just to be clear, by mindset we mean where your mind is set.

From the inside out
If you believe that your happiness is due to a situational external noun, in other words, a person, place or thing – it will be very unstable indeed.  Cultivating gratitude and appreciation, as feelings – “vibes” – from the inside out will make you more confident, resilient and peaceful.

You can do this intentionally by focusing what you have to be grateful for or even drawing on past feelings of gratitude.  The trick is that it requires self-awareness in order to change your feelings, “on demand.”

Don’t become a victim
If we believe that we are victims of our emotions and feelings, we cannot be empowered.  Many people focus on the negative in the world around them, which increases their negative feelings in their mindset. We often refer to these people as seeing the “glass half empty” instead of “half full”.

Glass half full

Focus on the positives
If we believe that feelings are “bad,” we will stay afraid of them.  It is important to realize that if you focus on negative feelings, you increase this “vibe” in your mindset and demeanour.  If you are harbouring negative feelings – “vibes” – you will not only create stress in your body, you will not radiate “good vibrations” – your positive,  true, authentic charismatic self.

Change your mindset
By focusing on the positives we can actually change our mindset to feel much more gratitude and appreciation with a feeling of authenticity and confidence.  Yes you can change how you focus your mind.  You will find that you can live with much greater ease.  You can then set your mind – “your mindset” – for greater success.

Want to learn more?
If you or your team would like to learn more about how to use  “positive mindsets” for better business results then please contact us today either by using the comment box below or via the ‘contact page’ on our website.

Trisha Proud
Partners in Solutions Ltd

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