What every Business Manager needs to ‘know’

Know that…
As business owners and managers there are certain things that we need to ‘know’ in order that we can competently and effectively fulfill our managerial role. Here are some top tips to help you get focused.

1. Know that everything requires time…

As a Business Manager…”know that”: Once you have clearly articulated your plans and goals that you need to stand back review and wait. Utilize this time to

– Visualizing what you want to achieve
– Where you want to be
– How you will profit from your business.
It is important that you feel good and enjoy what you see and accept what you get with gratitude. Pat yourself on the back and appreciate everything you accomplish.

2. Know and acknowledge the ‘power of team-work’…

As a Business Manager…”know that”: Business is best conduct by a team of like-minded people who understand that there is a job that has to be done. So, in an ideal world it is far better not to take relatives or friends into this team if you can possibly avoid it – unless that is you have worked together successfully before and have clearly defined and agreed roles and responsibilities.

3. Know what sacrifices you would be prepared to make…

As a Business Manager…”know that”: Managing business today is tough. You will undoubtedly have to make difficult choices and sacrifices. The key is to understand from the very beginning that sacrifices are necessary, and know what you are prepared to sacrifice for the success of your business; sacrifices that will make the best use of money and time, sacrifices that put the least amount of stress on relationships, business and otherwise.

4. Know that the strongest manager is the winner…

As a Business Manager…”know that”: If you want to be a winner you have to be strong, particularly in the face of adversity. You have to religiously believe in yourself and in your success….. No matter where you are and at all times. Distance yourself from negative people or people who doubt your abilities. Know that pessimism can kill ideas and enthusiasm.

5. Know that feedback is essential…

As a Business Manager …”know that”: The ability to be able to embrace feedback is essential to any business. It is also imperative to know and understand the difference between pessimism and constructive criticism. Always listen to the opinion of your customers, clients, colleagues, suppliers in fact anybody who interfaces with you and your business.

6. Know that there will times when you have to take risks…

As a Business Manager…”know that”: Successful business managers are not daunted by risk. That said too much risk is seldom good; but nothing really innovative or great is ever accomplished without some degree of risk, very often there can be quite a bit of risk to greatness. So don’t be afraid to take risks. Try new strategies, markets, venues etc as this always gives you a chance to make a better or improved profit.

7. Know your business to grow your business…

As a Business Manager…”know that”: This might sound obvious but it never ceases to amaze me how little some business managers know about their business or chosen marketplace. Stay alert. Read trade magazines and trade press. Attend industry events and net-work as appropriate to your business sector.

8. Know your limits…

As a Business Manager…”know that”: You are not the gatekeeper of every good idea; therefore if you are unsure about a situation, find and surround yourself with experienced competent people you like, respect and trust who can work with you and who will recommend a solution.

As a Business Manager…..”Do you know” If your business needs reshaping or…

Whether your managers require development via coaching, mentoring or training?

If you would like to learn more about developing yourself or your managers for a more robust business then please contact us today either by using the comment box below or via the ‘contact page’ on our website.
Trisha Proud
Partners in Solutions Ltd

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