Leaders with ‘attitude’.

attitude is everything
Genuine “Leaders” have an attitude about them

Have you ever noticed that the leaders you admire have an ‘attitude’ about them?

This is because people who are true ‘leaders’ are not easily discouraged by obstacles and issues that might deter others. In fact, they don’t see them as “obstacles and issues,” but problems to solve and situations to work through.

A real leader will work and play hard to find and keep their ‘team’ and or business together.

In essence….

Leaders are not daunted by failure:
Leaders believe that if you fear failure too much then you’ll have a hard time getting past breakfast!

Leaders are not daunted by rising before the sun does:
Show me a successful lazy entrepreneur and I’ll show you a purple horse. A true leader will work as hard as you.

Leaders are not daunted by hard work:
In fact they don’t think of it as “work.” Instead they think of it as an investment in you, their team and the business….in your joint business partnership.

Leaders are not daunted by risk:
Too much risk is seldom good; but nothing really innovatively great is ever accomplished without some degree of risk, very often there can be quite a bit of risk to achieving greatness.

Leaders not daunted by ownership and responsibility:
Leaders have no choice but to take it, Leaders believe that if you want the rewards then you and they have to ‘go with the flow’ and also take ownership and responsibility along the way.

Leaders are not daunted by conflict:
Conflict is the currency of leadership; you have to be able to handle it effectively or your team, and other colleagues won’t want to follow you.

Leaders are not daunted by what they can’t see with the naked eye:
Vision in a business means looking past the horizon to opportunity invisible to others.

Leaders are not daunted by bare forearms:
As in the kind that goes with rolled-up sleeves and being part of a wider team.

Leaders re not daunted by the unknown:
True leaders work at their business relationships and look for new ideas. They are open to try new things to maintain their business growth.

Leaders are not daunted by admitting fault:
A real leader instinctively know that too much hubris, excessive pride or arrogance and they will have trouble being with others, which of course they need to in order to accomplish what they want and need to be fulfilled themselves.

Daunted by ‘leadership’?
Are you or any of your team daunted by ‘leadership’?

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Trisha Proud
Partners in Solutions Ltd

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