Balancing Reciprocity

The meaning of reciprocity….
We all want the people that we come across in life, especially in business, to know and understand the meaning of “reciprocity”….and more importantly to practice it!

This complicated word describes a great and effective approach to our relationship with the world and those who we encounter along the way. But is it really that complicated?

According to the ancient philosopher Confucius, reciprocity signifies “mutuality, interchange, duality, interdependence.” Derived from Latin, “reciprocus” has the connotation of altruism, making a sacrifice, alternation.

Or put very simply…. it is the art of give and take. Life becomes unbalanced when we do more giving and others do more taking.

The art of reciprocity is extremely powerful
Never doubt how powerful the art of reciprocity is and how by not adopting its principals it can adversely impact on business relationships.

It is often said that ‘what goes round, comes around’ and the basis of this saying can be found in the law of reciprocity.

So ask yourself, what are you prepared to offer your business partner, collegue or to other people around you? How far are you ready to stretch yourself in order to reach out to these people? What do you ask for as compensation or as thanks in return?

Our reciprocity needs

It is obvious from the experiences that we have in life that, consciously or subconsciously, having given to another human being, we anticipate a favour in return for when we need it. Disputing whether this is right or wrong would be fruitless, as for most people and in most circumstances, other than charitable giving, and help or support for the needy, reciprocity is something we have inherently come to expect. That said it is also about balancing our reciprocity expectations and questioning whether or not they are realistic.

True and genuine people
A true and genuine person is open to the world and cherishes their relationships. Gracious, giving and protective of their own families, friends and lovers, but yes the flip side is that they expect the same from others……in the form of reciprocity…. and when it comes to business relationships reciprocity under these circumstances is not unreasonable.

Playing by the reciprocity rules
Reciprocity could be described as “playing by the rules”, allowing for “fair game”, and in an ideal world should form part of your business relationship ‘guiding principles”…
– Meet me halfway, as we are there waiting for you
– Nurture our relationship, as what we reap ….we shall sow
– Be insightful and considerate, as we are to you
– Aspire with us and our shared dreams will come true faster
– Cheer for us and we will double our victories
– Rejoice with us and our celebrations will multiply
– Live, achieve and prosper with us
– The objectives become closer when we walked and work together
– Reciprocate to us as we have pledged our reciprocity to you

Key to reciprocity relationships
Reciprocity is the key to good business relationships, but remember that it is always better to give than to receive…..and also at the end of the day a real, true, genuine life lasting ‘business relationship is all about ‘balance’ as well as reciprocity.

Does the business partner you work with practice reciprocity?
If not then please contact me
Trisha Proud
Partners in Solutions Ltd

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  • Afi Ofori  On June 7, 2013 at 9:58 pm

    What a great insightful article. Although in my experience everybody wants to take that nobody takes the time to give. Typical example is twitter where people don’t even take a moment to say thank you for retweeting my tweet. I believe these little things to matter in business and you are right you should give more than you expect to receive; people will come to respect you and trust you for it. Brilliant article Trisha enjoyed reading it.

    • trishaproud  On June 8, 2013 at 9:51 am

      Afi – thanks for the feedback – I am so pleased that you enjoyed the article. Like you I believe that the way we behave in business and in life in general speaks volumes about us!

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