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Balancing Reciprocity

The meaning of reciprocity….
We all want the people that we come across in life, especially in business, to know and understand the meaning of “reciprocity”….and more importantly to practice it!

This complicated word describes a great and effective approach to our relationship with the world and those who we encounter along the way. But is it really that complicated?

According to the ancient philosopher Confucius, reciprocity signifies “mutuality, interchange, duality, interdependence.” Derived from Latin, “reciprocus” has the connotation of altruism, making a sacrifice, alternation.

Or put very simply…. it is the art of give and take. Life becomes unbalanced when we do more giving and others do more taking.

The art of reciprocity is extremely powerful
Never doubt how powerful the art of reciprocity is and how by not adopting its principals it can adversely impact on business relationships.

It is often said that ‘what goes round, comes around’ and the basis of this saying can be found in the law of reciprocity.

So ask yourself, what are you prepared to offer your business partner, collegue or to other people around you? How far are you ready to stretch yourself in order to reach out to these people? What do you ask for as compensation or as thanks in return?

Our reciprocity needs

It is obvious from the experiences that we have in life that, consciously or subconsciously, having given to another human being, we anticipate a favour in return for when we need it. Disputing whether this is right or wrong would be fruitless, as for most people and in most circumstances, other than charitable giving, and help or support for the needy, reciprocity is something we have inherently come to expect. That said it is also about balancing our reciprocity expectations and questioning whether or not they are realistic.

True and genuine people
A true and genuine person is open to the world and cherishes their relationships. Gracious, giving and protective of their own families, friends and lovers, but yes the flip side is that they expect the same from others……in the form of reciprocity…. and when it comes to business relationships reciprocity under these circumstances is not unreasonable.

Playing by the reciprocity rules
Reciprocity could be described as “playing by the rules”, allowing for “fair game”, and in an ideal world should form part of your business relationship ‘guiding principles”…
– Meet me halfway, as we are there waiting for you
– Nurture our relationship, as what we reap ….we shall sow
– Be insightful and considerate, as we are to you
– Aspire with us and our shared dreams will come true faster
– Cheer for us and we will double our victories
– Rejoice with us and our celebrations will multiply
– Live, achieve and prosper with us
– The objectives become closer when we walked and work together
– Reciprocate to us as we have pledged our reciprocity to you

Key to reciprocity relationships
Reciprocity is the key to good business relationships, but remember that it is always better to give than to receive…..and also at the end of the day a real, true, genuine life lasting ‘business relationship is all about ‘balance’ as well as reciprocity.

Does the business partner you work with practice reciprocity?
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Trisha Proud
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Beauty of knowledge

It is said that we are all masters of our own destiny……

Knowledge is an acquired quality
How many times in your life have you regretted that you did not know enough, have not read more to show your intelligence and enhance your image and confidence in a business conversation or situation? It happens to the best of us; however how many of us become determined to educate ourselves, to be wittier, better informed, and faster thinking.

Knowledge is an acquired quality – it is not inborn.

You choose
The choice to be educated or not, to be on top of things, is always ours to create and make. Some people make it earlier, some make it later, and sadly some don’t make it at all. Yet, let us be honest about it and admit it, if only to ourselves, there is no better reason for self-content and pride, than the feeling that you can carry on an interesting or important conversation, operate and utilise the facts, understand your counterpart, and stand steadfast on your own.

The beauty of knowledge
Intelligence is a chosen path for those who appreciate the importance and beauty of this personal skill. It becomes a part of who you are, the image you project to the world, an inalienable ingredient of your own self-perception. Obtaining knowledge is a matter of choice and, in fact, a simple thing to acquire, when you have made your decision to acquire it, committed to it and, once commenced, you never abandon the process.

Here are some simple steps to you get started:

Tip 1: Have ‘vision’ and stay focused

Whatever business situation you are in have a ‘vision’ as to what you personally want to achieve from it and equally important stay focussed on that vision. Take in and absorb all the information and process it. Try to analyse it yourself and make your own decisions. When talking on a subject, do not lose the topic; rather, stay on it until you have finished or the discussion is over, or at the very least agreed an outcome. This will help you to consolidate your thoughts and allow your listeners to come up with any comments or arguments unencumbered.

A focused mind is able to expand and store new information more effectively.

Tip 2: Be mentally active
As a trainer, business coach and mentor I always encourage my mentees to have the brightest mind. This is a matter of personal choice, whether you are an avid stamp collector; love reading or are a film buff, train and exercise your brain, every day. Remember the smallest details of a conversation or task and analyse the ideas, complexity and outcomes.

Tip 3: Stimulate your brain
Load your mind with analysis and decision-making even in simple everyday situations. Take an unusual task to resolve, stay on it, and celebrate the results that will follow. The satisfaction you will experience will be very rewarding. Our mind needs a constant challenge to stay on top of the game. The routines we are accustomed to at work do not do the job. Challenge your brain with cross words, puzzles and games, like Sudoku or chess, etc.

Tip 4: Get trained, get a coach or a mentor
There comes a time in everybody’s development when they need support to improve their knowledge. This is perfectly normally and when that time arrives should not be ignored, as this is the time when many managers reach their peak and will not develop further without training or the wise advice and support of a coach or mentor. Everybody, not matter what level they are in business needs a mentor.

If this is you….seek training and support now!

Tip 5: Be your own master – make your own decisions
There is nothing wrong with seeking an advice. But doing it on a regular basis might be damaging for your mind, self-growth, and ability to make your own decisions based on your own analysis. Face the challenge by yourself and only after the decision has been made, bring it to the table for a discussion…… if you want to. Stand by your decision and defend your point of view. Even if you lost and opted for another solution, you have just acquired a priceless experience and your brain has gone through a very good and useful exercise.

Tip 6: Read, read and read
If you are reading this blog then well done! Stay informed on the latest happenings in the world, expand your vocabulary, stimulate your brain with the masterpieces of world literature, enrich your erudition, and put it to use whenever you have an opportunity. Reading good books is a rewarding way to expand your knowledge, boost your intelligence and please your heart and soul. Good books stay with you forever, and once in a while, as you go through life, you return to them. And guess what – it is amazing how your perception changes as you read the old book anew! You know why? Because you have changed, and the ways you perceive and analyse information will have been modified as well.

Positive outcomes
Last but not least. Obtaining greater knowledge helps you enjoy your times with yourself. Consequently, it boosts your self-esteem and you acquire a great new business partner …. your improved knowledgeable self. And what can be better than being content with who you are, the way you…….a more intelligent you!

Do you need help improving your knowledge?………then contact us today.
Trisha Proud
Managing Partner
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Are you built to succeed?

Building blocks of success
Have you ever wondered what qualities successful people have or why so many people struggle to make their dreams come true? Well here are a few top tips to help you on the road to achieving success.

Only you can truly visualise your success; therefore you need to sets goals and systematically works towards them. If you want to achieve success, you must define your main objectives. Then, break it down into few simpler ones……and set about working on them as they won’t happen by themselves!

You need to be self-disciplined to plan your day and the actions you need to do to achieve success; and then follow through the tasks you have set yourself.

Successful people believe in their skills and talents. Their self-esteem is high. If you don’t believe in yourself you cannot expect others to!

Determination and Optimism
The road to success is never easy so in order to prosper, you need to be utterly determined and develop an optimistic positive view of the world in equal measures.

Timing it is said is everything; therefore it is obvious that ‘patience’ should be a key quality of successful people. Patience is the ability to wait for the fruits of your labour to ripen or for a favourable moment in important negotiations. Knowing when to strike is an important part of practicing patience.

Be a risk-taker
If you are afraid of failure and risk, you will never succeed. At the same time, don’t make hasty decisions. Trust your intuition and weigh up all pros and cons. And if you finally choose risk, take it easy, do it with no fear or regret. There are very few successful people that have not taken risks.

Take ‘ownership’ of what you do and why you do it and become the master of your life in order to create your profit and the life and success that you have always dreamed of.

Emotional Intelligent and Resilience
Ability to control your own emotions and also be able to understand others emotions particularly under stress together with the ability be resilient to stress, is absolutely pivotal for someone who wants to succeed.

Vitality and enthusiasm are qualities that are absolutely essential for successful. They help drive you forward towards your goals. You need energy to succeed. Successful people have high energy. So take care of your health, eat wisely and exercise regularly.

Quite frankly, if you are a lazy coach potato, if you delegate tasks believing that you have abdicated the responsibility, then it is highly unlikely that you will achieve success. Action and consistent hard work is what counts and what at the end of the day pays off.

Are you built to succeed?
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Trisha Proud
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